4 – Up and Out of here.

The time has come.

The Visa has come through and is in my hand.

Time for the flight.

Time to see my family.

The last two months have been terrible. The comfort offered by friends and family helped mask the emotion even for a little while.. but I was still standing – a shell of who I am.

I order the ticket. Say goodbye to my family, friends, church, job. Life.

Leaving one continent to start life on a different one. One that is similar but is different enough to remind you that your not from here.

I get to the airport. Bag of clothes. Bass guitar. Carry on. Thats it.

My life of 27 years all stuffed into 3 units.

I take a deep breath and walk up to the check in counter. All good.

I walk through security, show my boarding pass and passport. All good.

I sit down on the other side after being allowed through, put my shoes on and decide what to eat.

McDonalds. Standard.

I am half way through my quarter pounder meal when I hear something I have never heard before.

“Can a Mr Jamie McSeveney return to the checking counter – there is a problem with your luggage”

My heart stops. I start to panic.

There is no sharp objects, there is no spray on deodorant. My mind frantically working to try to figure out what it could be.

My bass guitar case was locked. They needed to search it.

For all the panic I was left with a little note to say that they had searched the case.

I join the line to go through security and the process again.

Finally take a seat in the waiting area, put my headphones in.. open a book and wait.

I don’t sleep on planes.

I can’t. Never have been able to. Probably never will.

I watch as many films as possible. If I can watch them on a plane I don’t have to buy a cinema ticket for the movie.. Terrible mindset but still thats what I do.

London to Seattle. Seattle to Spokane.

22 Hours of travel from doorstep to doorstep.

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