5 – Spokane

My heart is pounding.

We are coming into land in Spokane.

We have done the 16 hour flight from London to Seattle. I had a little layover in Seattle but this is it.

I will get to see my wife again.

I have no words to describe the feelings I had leading to seeing Rachel.

Skype, Facetime, Texting. All of the technology in the world has nothing on that moment.

I smiled. Rachel smiled.

We cried.

We hugged for what felt like hours..

I’m tired. Jet lagged.

We jump in the car, travel to our next stop.

My boys.

They are asleep when we arrive. But man I just want to wake them up and kiss them, hug them, tell them how much I love them.

Life may not be settled. We may not be in our home but just being close to my family, to sleep in the same bed as my wife.. Nothing beats that feeling.

2 months apart. No more.

No more.

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