17 – Working the mill…

I got my first job in America.

I interviewed for it over the phone whilst in Oregon. 8 hours drive from where I would be working… weird feeling.

But this is the start.

This is where our life picks up.

We will be able to stand up on our own now.

We will be able to start building our new life here now.


We travel back to Everson, WA.

I get set for my first day of work, nerves set in.

My alarm goes off 5.00am.

Time to get set for the day… shower, pack my lunch.

Take a breath.

Read my Bible.

Try to find some confidence in something other than what I am trying to concoct.

Not much confidence right now… not sure what I will be walking into.

The sun isn’t up yet but it is time to head out.


It is about a 15 minute drive from home to work.

Driving past fields and fields. Cows. Crop.


Approaching the drop off point, I have a 45 minute walk to go now.

Work starts at 7. It gives me a chance to listen to music, to pray, to think of why I am doing what I am doing… My family.

16 – What Measuring System Do I Use?

I got my first job.

I got my first job in America.

Our life was starting to make sense here.

After a long time of nothingness..

A long time of waiting.

A long time of questioning if it was the right call to move to the States.

But we are here.

And it can all start working out.

Working in a mill is tough.

Long days, tough on your body, tough on your mind.

Learning the different measurements… may not seem like the biggest challenge for others but for me it was another thing I had to learn to be valuable in America.

I needed a visa, I needed permission, I needed to learn these skills, I needed to adapt.

I needed a lot.

But this was a great first step in the direction we wanted to go in America.

I started my job Lynden Door this week.

I can provide again.

I can breath easier.

8 – Pretty on the Outside

After a while of just being dad again I was offered the opportunity to join my Father in Laws painting team.

They painted high end homes.

It was crazy.

Looking over the valley. Million dollar views.

Learning a skill I never had before.

It was a great bonding experience. I enjoyed that work, it was hands on.

You could see the process of the work. Taping off, prepping the area, cleaning it, filling in all the holes.

Waiting for the follow up coat.

Covered up. All pretty on the outside.

No one will see the holes, scars on the inside.

Nice metaphor for life.

The move to the US was good. There were scars, hurting that would heal in time but with this time back together it was a good paint job over all of it.

The honeymoon period all over again.

Spokane wasn’t the end goal. We would be moving on soon.

Hoping it won’t hurt too much or hurt people too much.

Bellingham was the next step for our family.

Bellingham would be our new home.