14 – House Sitting Like a Boss

It came to the end of the Summer.

I was fed up with waiting… When was my Green Card going to come?

I received my Visa in my passport in June and I was aware that it could take up to 3-6 months.

I was praying everyday for the chance that it could be the day that it would come and our life here could start.

So we made a decision as a family to go and house/dog sit at my father in laws home whilst he was away for the majority of August Elk hunting.

We were aware that it would be taking us away from the community that we were starting to form and putting us in a place where we would have to entertain ourselves…

Key factor in this decision…

Bleed out our savings whilst staying with the community we were with… or save what we have and enjoy August next to the Columbia River…

We chose to Dog sit.

It was a good month.

It was tiring. But good.

It taught us a lot about what we can do for each other and our patience levels.

Each evening we would take a walk along the rivers edge, we would go “treasure hunting” finding washed up fishing gear, collecting it and cleaning it.

We found a lot.

I took time to explore my ambitions with wood working, using driftwood and experimenting with the skills (I think) I have.

Truth is… that month it brought us closer. We laughed together, cried together, relaxed together.

It was a month that has been pretty significant in our journey in the States.

10 – Acceptance.

I am a proud person.

Pride is something that I would say I struggle with.

Moving to a new country, let alone a new home… I struggle to take the hand outs from people.

The hands to help with the move. I will remember those people and help them when they need it.

The meals brought round after you move or when you need someones truck… whatever it is. I do remember who was there. I do remember.

What I have learnt however with this move. With this whole not having a home thing.

I have had to accept a lot.

People have generously shared their homes, their food, their vehicles, their time, their love and their lives with us.

I like to know I have earn’t the money that pays for our bills, the rent, the food.. etc.

We as a family have had to accept a lot. We are thankful. We remember.

As a man, I struggle with it. Usually in silence as I do not want to resist the opportunity for someone to bless us. That may sound funny but I mean it in the way that I love to be able to help people, bless people or even surprise people with something that they may not even need.

But the thing that I have had to learn is that if I reject someone, I may very well be rejecting what they have been called to do by God, or maybe they just love us and want to see us living well.

I have had to put aside my pride.

But we have been blessed.

And we are so thankful.