10 – Acceptance.

I am a proud person.

Pride is something that I would say I struggle with.

Moving to a new country, let alone a new home… I struggle to take the hand outs from people.

The hands to help with the move. I will remember those people and help them when they need it.

The meals brought round after you move or when you need someones truck… whatever it is. I do remember who was there. I do remember.

What I have learnt however with this move. With this whole not having a home thing.

I have had to accept a lot.

People have generously shared their homes, their food, their vehicles, their time, their love and their lives with us.

I like to know I have earn’t the money that pays for our bills, the rent, the food.. etc.

We as a family have had to accept a lot. We are thankful. We remember.

As a man, I struggle with it. Usually in silence as I do not want to resist the opportunity for someone to bless us. That may sound funny but I mean it in the way that I love to be able to help people, bless people or even surprise people with something that they may not even need.

But the thing that I have had to learn is that if I reject someone, I may very well be rejecting what they have been called to do by God, or maybe they just love us and want to see us living well.

I have had to put aside my pride.

But we have been blessed.

And we are so thankful.